Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, listens to President Donald Trump speak about the coronavirus du

Returning to normal is too dangerous to contemplate

It's clear premature re-openings could be a historic mistake resulting in an explosion of infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

In 'worst case,' the Fed couldn't even imagine this

March 27
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell during early March.
Stress tests are meant to see, under a worst-case scenario, how the economy holds up. But it didn't test for a global shut down.

Thomas L. Friedman: An open letter to President Trump

March 27
President Donald Trump, speaking about the coronavirus on Thursday in the James Brady Briefing Room.
Sir, you need a plan. Three steps:
Daniel Hemel
March 27

Surprising group left out of coronavirus rescue bill: Elderly and disabled dependents

Those economically supported by family are affected by the crisis, too, but will receive nothing.
David Tomassoni
March 27
A checkout line at the Robbinsdale Hy-Vee on March 21. Under Gov. Tim Walz’s “stay at home” order during the COVID-19 outbreak, people may still

Let's at least be normal about grocery shopping

Go when you need to. Don't load up "just in case." And remember: Optimism helps, even in tough times.
March 26

Trump is doing just fine with the Defense Production Act

Trump is doing just fine with the Defense Production Act
Dionne Searcey
March 26
Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., right, participate in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios i

How will the election proceed amid the pandemic?

Elections in the United States have been disrupted because of wars, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. But this time feels different.
Christian Arana and Jacqueline Martinez Garcel
March 26
How will the coronavirus pandemic impact the 2020 census?

How the 2020 census could be delayed by the pandemic

The process involves workers knocking on doors. They did it during a war and an earthquake, but social distancing makes it difficult.
Justin Fox
March 26
Puffs of smoke were emitted near Glenwood Springs, Colo., police officers Rusty Slater and Evan Wagstrom to test that their personal N95 masks fit pro

Masks and coronavirus prevention: Trying to find some clarity

The various types, how they work and the role of such protection (or substitutes) as the crisis evolves.
Farhad Manjoo
March 26
A discarded mask outside a medical center in Oregon.

How the world's richest country ran out of face masks

Factors: The lure of low-cost overseas manufacturing, and a strategic failure in industry and government to consider the resulting vulnerabilities.
Eileen Weber
March 26
RN Julie Anderson cleaned and sorted though masks that were donated. Hospitals are short of supplies needed to combat the coronavirus.

Coronavirus ethics: How do we choose who lives, who dies?

We need a candid public airing of how these decisions will be made as care is rationed.
Victor M. Sandler
March 25
A hospital nurse holds a coronavirus testing kit at a drive-through center.

Time for death panels? No. Care directives? Yes.

Advance care planning tools, like the POLST form, can put your loved one's wishes first and take the decisions off of doctors.
Chad Dunkley
March 25
Gov. Tim Walz spoke at a news conference March 18 to discuss the state response to COVID-19.

Child care needs emergency support to avoid collapse

It is providing the support needed for health care, food and power supply, and public safety workers without any additional funding.
Karen M. Masterson
March 25
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a news conference on Tuesday. Cuomo said he obtained 750,000 doses of chloroquine and 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroq

Chloroquine isn't a miracle cure. A tiny amount can poison you.

Even if it proves useful in stopping the coronavirus in severe COVID-19 cases, it could prove more dangerous than the virus itself in milder infections.
Tyler Cowen
March 25

How the COVID-19 recession is like World War II

A significant portion of the economy has been redirected. Afterward, durables are likely to recover quickly; services, less so.
James J. Kimble
March 25
In this Feb. 10, 1943, photo, employees of International Harvester inspected ball bearings in Chicago. During World War II, factories converted from m

The real lesson of World War II for mobilizing against COVID-19

Our collective memory has forgotten the messy reality of what actually happened — and what elements of persuasion were required.
March 24

After pandemic, Americans will need national parks more than ever

Congress should fund outdoor recreation, parks, forests and waterways.
Jonah Goldberg
March 24
An ambulance sits parked on the plaza outside the U.S. Capitol on March 16.

Coronavirus crisis is sure to spawn new political realities in all corners

We're currently moving into Stage 3 of this four-stage negotiation.
Ross Douthat
March 24
Medical personnel administer a coronavirus test to a driver at a drive-though testing facility in California. The writer went through a similar testin

My family fell ill with telltale signs, quarantined, then …

… tested negative. Now, it's back into the shared abyss of uncertainty.
Virginia Postrel
March 24
The Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant.

CDC should stop prioritizing VIPs for virus tests

Even without pull, however, the rationing criteria used around the U.S. make it likely that people in some social and professional circles can get the tests while most can't.
Neil Barofsky
March 24
Eight of the nation’s top bankers testified before the House Financial Services Committee in early 2009. The executives were explaining how they use

Big bailouts need fierce watchdogs

Consider our experiences with the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
Kayla Behbahani
March 24

I have lupus. Stop hoarding the drug I need to survive.

The downside of the potential hydroxychloroquine upside amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Amelia Rayno
March 24
Though El Salvador had just three known cases of COVID-19 as of Monday, March 23, the government has implemented strict measures.

The pandemic abroad: When the airport closes before you can catch a flight home

Before it had confirmed cases of the coronavirus, El Salvador began responding swiftly and aggressively. I didn't make it out in time.
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